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Why ReEntry?

At HCC we care about not just loving Chinese students and scholars while they are here in America but also loving them as they return back to China. This is “ReEntry.” We love and serve Chinese students and scholars before and after they return back to China. With around 3400 Chinese students and scholars at the U of M, an increasing number (at least nationally) return home each year.

ReEntry is also a great opportunity because the students and scholars that return to China have the privilege to take what they’ve received in the twin cities and multiply it back in China.

Doing ReEntry Together

While students expect to have challenges when they first come to a new country, they often don’t expect to have challenges when they return back to their home country. However, returning back to one’s home country after a long time abroad is often more difficult. In light of this, HCC provides the following:

  • rides to the airport.
  • equipping for the cultural transition (and often shock) of returning home.
  • resources in both English and Chinese to help students with specific aspects of their transition back home.
  • connections to our network of family, friends, and partners across China.
  • continued discovery of Christianity online in China through our partners.

In addition, HCC visits our family of returnees each year back in China. This is an opportunity for us to be guests in their country and for us to continue to stand by and support the people we love. It’s a joy to see what God is doing in China among those that have been connected with HCC.

We do not claim to have everything figured out in reentry. Rather, we are learning (on our knees) and we cherish your partnership with us.

  • Do you know a student that is returning home soon? Please have them fill out this form.
  • Do you want to help a student prepare for life back home?
  • Do you have contacts in China that might be beneficial to our returnees?
  • Do you want to drive students to the airport?

Contact jonathan@hcchinese.org if you would like to serve with us in reentry. We’d love to work together with you!