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Outings & Overnight

Day Outings

Explore Minnesota with Chinese students!

We want to offer volunteers fun interactions with Chinese students & scholars this summer. There is a high demand to leave behind the classrooms and explore nature, parks, and fun actvities outside. If you are looking to meet new Chinese students, will you consider taking 2 or more Chinese with you on a day outing this summer?

Why this activity?

It is strategic and fruitful to spend quality time with international students. Through driving, eating, hiking or experiencing something together, we create conversational space. The destination is not as important as sharing it together equally. We encourage you to take Chinese friends around “hot spots” in Minnesota. A practical example is going up to Duluth for the day.

How does one go about gathering a group?

After you and HCC discuss options and fix a date and destination, the size of your group will be determined based on your capacity. Then HCC will publicize and secure advance registrations for the opportunity, and we encourage you to invite those from your network also. Typically an outing fills, but if registrations are low, HCC will consult with you in a timely manner. Email Kim to get the process rolling!

Will HCC pay for the outing?

Perhaps not entirely, but we would love to support you in creative ways. We’ll start by providing a pre-paid gas card. In addition, we can fundraise for water bottles, snacks and/or other complementary items and are open to paying for a parking or entrance fee to a park or museum.

Do you have any trip recommendations?

Certainly! Before listing them below, please feel free to create your own travel destination within Minnesota, subject to approval, to a different location you would like to share with Chinese!

  • Duluth any weekend
  • Ely (bear and wolf center)
  • Itasca Park (hiking, fire tower, biking)
  • Follow the Mississippi south to Red Wing, Stockholm, Lake Pepin
  • Taylor’s Falls
  • The North Shore
  • Any state park!
  • A farm or orchard!

Overnight Trips

About Overnight Trips

These are special trips at HCC. Although we see beautiful sites, explore nature, and have fun, these trips are about community. Overnight trips provide what day outings and other activities cannot: a variety of quality time through driving, eating, exploring, living, cooking, and talking together. Overnights provide more time and space for relationships to begin. Consider joining us in a support or leadership role with a medium sized group of Chinese.

Bentleyville, Duluth

December 2-4*. Head to Duluth to see “Tour of Lights:  America’s Largest Free Walk Through Lighting Display.” *We will either spend all day Saturday or spend the night (or two).


Memorial Day Weekend or first in June. We’ll drive or take the Megabus to Chicago to tour the city! There are passes that allow access to multiple museums and attractions. We’ll stay in a rented home or apartment and share our meals together. Looking for leaders who love the city, love Chicago, and would enjoy showing Chinese around.

Grand Portage

July 2017. Our third annual trip to Grand Portage! Spend a Friday to Sunday exploring Duluth, Grand Maraias, and Grand Portage with 15 to 25 Chinese! We stay at a partner church on the reservation and learn about Native American culture and visit waterfalls while hiking. Very low cost!


August 2017. Drive out to one of the most famous parks in the United States. We’ll be stopping at other sights along the way and will stay in motels/log-cabins. HCC will cover a large percentage of the trip fees. Group size estimated from 10-20. More to come in the months ahead.

Please check back in the months to come for more information or email Program Coordinator, Josh Driver, for more information. If one of these trips is of interest to you, please let us know and we can contact you as the dates approach and the details settle.

Other locations

We are also considering Ely, Bemidji, South Dakota (Black Hills), Wisconsin Dells, and Lake Pepin (Red Wing/Stockholm).