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Friendship Match

Are you Looking to Invest in a New Friendship this Semester?

Friendship is what we desire as an organization. This happens naturally and organically at many of our events through you! But we want to do more.

HCC receives many requests from Americans seeking Chinese friends and from Chinese seeking American friends. In response to this interest, HCC has formed an opportunity for Chinese and Americans to participate in Friendship Match.

This Friendship Match involves the commitment of Americans and Chinese to meet with each other at least once a month. The location, time, and activity are mutually determined by each friend as they pursue common interests together. 

This match includes individuals, couples, and families! Your family can be paired with another Chinese family, and you can commit to meeting for dinner, games, or an event once a month. Or you and your spouse can be paired with a couple from China and meet for double dates. Finally, you as an individual can be paired with an individual student from China and have meaningful one-on-one conversations.

It is our hope at HCC that Chinese and Americans will make deep and long-lasting friendships through this program.

As we jump into the new year we are looking for 25 new Friendship Match Partners. If you are interested in getting to know an international student and willing to meet with them at least once a month use the link below to sign up. We will have a training for all Friendship Match Partners on January 18, 10-11:30am at HCC. 

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