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Host Families

Experience American culture by staying with a host family.

Start by filling out the host family application.

*Because we have to process your request and communicate with host families, please submit your request 10 days before you arrive in Minnesota. Thank you!

Can you tell me about host families?

Host families are volunteers who generously open their home to international students, scholars, and their families. It’s the best way to learn about American culture and have a chance to eat home-cooked meals and participate in traditions, games, and activities! They desire to help you get settled and adjust to life in America. All host families have been screened and approved by HCC to be a safe environment.

How long may I stay with them?

Between one and seven days. You must make arrangements for additional days. We cannot guarantee the family is available after their hosting period.

Who will take me to their home?

Your host family will pick you up from the airport so please do not fill out an airport application. The host family application includes airport pickup.

I’ve never been to an American’s home. Can you share some cultural tips?

  • Most Americans do not wear slippers or shoes inside their home but wear socks or go bare feet.
  • When you are asked if you want more to eat or drink, but you do not want to any more, politely tell them “No, thank you.” This is not considered rude but a direct reply. Americans generally communicate in a straightforward and direct manner.
  • Usually everyone has their own plate of food, rather than take small portions from the middle of the table.
  • If you’re unsure about a social behavior, it’s okay to ASK! Our volunteers will gently help answer questions.

Please see the application for more information.