For years I studied geology. Once I saw a mining operation where half of a hill had been removed pursuing someone’s greed. I realized this is not a path to happiness. That moment woke many questions in my heart that I wouldn’t find answers to until I met Jesus. During my joint-PhD studies at the Indiana University-Bloomington I was invited to a church and started to realize how sinful we humans are and how sweet the gospel is! That true freedom, true happiness and true peace have been freely given in Christ on the cross!

I sensed a call to preach God’s Word to Chinese students four years ago. My wife Jia and I quit our jobs and moved to Plymouth, MN where I began studying at the AFLC seminary. Now I have graduated and am doing an internship with HCC, an organization with a dedicated program for serving Chinese students who will return to China! Through this partnership I have begun two Bible studies and advanced my skill at working with international students.

God has greatly blessed my family and we are excited to be doing this work. In partnership with HCC and under the sponsorship of the AFLC Home Mission, I am beginning plans to plant a Chinese church in Minnesota, with hopes of reaching the 3200 Chinese students who study here every year. Then one day, when they return to China, we may be able to see how the Lord will work in and through them to add more souls into His Kingdom.

My family is about to begin the R-1 visa application so that we can see this vision through. We don’t know what the future holds, but we know that God is mighty. Please pray for our visa and for the vision of reaching these students for Christ. Please pray also for the funds required to do this work.

My family needs to raise $36,000 and every gift helps. We have already received funds through the AFLC, Emmaus Free Lutheran Church, and another generous donor, but in order to continue, we need more supporters. If you want to help, please send a gift to HCC and place my Chinese name, Miao Zhao, on an attached note. If giving online is easier, you can do that at the website below, chose “Holmes – Church Plant” as giving type.



Thank you,

Miao Zhao “(as known as Holmes)”