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Sponsor a Student

China’s immense population and political influence has it poised to be the global leader for this generation. 3400 of China’s current and future educators, business owners, and policy makers have come to Minnesota to learn from us. We must seize this opportunity to change the world with the love of Christ.

Today, we are able to reach 1,000 of those future leaders per year. Yet, 2400 of those students and scholars return to China without experiencing the life-changing hospitality we offer. Brothers and sisters, we must do more!

You can change the life of a future world leader today by sponsoring a student.


Am I sponsoring a specific student? 

Each year we project the total number of students HCC can reach and what it will cost us to do so. This gives us a price-per-student calculation, rather than a specific student sponsorship. HCC does not differentiate between sponsored student, or non-sponsored students. We render services to every student who comes to us for support.

I already support HCC.

All contributions support the mission of HCC, which is to share Christ’s love through hospitality. Your gifts to HCC directly equate to Chinese lives impacted with Christ’s love. Your support will continue to help us reach our program goals.

Why should I be a sustaining supporter?

Sustaining support provides a dependable, ongoing source of funding that allows us to concentrate on our mission. Sustaining support offers convenience and security through automated withdrawals from your checking account or credit/debit card. Sustaining support reduces our administration costs and saves you time and money since you never have to write another check or find a stamp. Your support is always active, and you may change or cancel your support at any time.

How will my gift help HCC reach 3,400 students? 

Since 1992, we have effectively and efficiently shared the love of Christ through hospitality. In that time, we have determined what are the best, most-effective, most-efficient programs, activities, and resources to share Christ’s love. There is a quantifiable cost to develop those programs, activities, and resources. As we increase our programming and partnership with local churches to reach more students, we also need to increase our operating budget to facilitate those increases.

Is my gift tax deductible? 

Since 1992, we have been a recognized 501-C3. Your sponsorship is 100% tax deductible.

How are HCC’s funds managed?

Our book, accounting systems, and financial stewarding practices are reviewed by an outside professional auditing company. Our budget is reviewed and approved by our Board of Directors. Financial information is available upon request.