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Sharing the Gospel in a New Way

By Kristie Mandel – CXI intern As we encounter international students from cultures very different than our own, how can we be sensitive in how we communicate the Good News to them?  One approach is to acknowledge that priorities from shame-based cultures can differ significantly from those of guilt-based cultures. No culture is exclusively shame …

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From the Airport to Amen

By Josh Driver – HCC Program Coordinator  Volunteering at HCC in 2010 by making airport runs made a lot of sense to me. I was once a study abroad student in Beijing, China, who went through a similar experience of waiting at the airport for someone to take me to a university. Living only five …

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Seeing Red with Rose-Tinted Glasses

By Daniel Morgenstern -HCC Intern “Red” in China is not just about politics. Communism is only one cultural element in China that uses red as a symbol. Festivals, economists, fashion, history, and public service all use red in different capacities. Chinese stoplights flash red for caution, but “going into the red” is the goal of …

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5 Obstacles Chinese Students Tackle to Attend College in America

By Daniel Morgenstern – HCC intern The journey that all foreign students and scholars who visit the Hospitality Center for Chinese (HCC) have endured is more than many Americans could handle. Here are five hurdles Chinese have to jump on their way to college graduation: Language The first obstacle is the language barrier. Every step …

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