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What is China Plus?

By Tim Grundtiz – Executive Director For more than 26 years, Minnesotans have become experts in sharing hospitality, service, and love towards Chinese through the Hospitality Center for Chinese. With more than 10,000 students from 130 different countries across campuses in the Twin Cities, we feel compelled to do more. We believe we are called …

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Loving Internationals Near and Far through ReEntry

By Jonathan Nesvig – HCC ReEntry Coordinator Challenge and Opportunity At, HCC we care about not just loving Chinese students and scholars while they are here in America but also loving them as they return to China. This is “ReEntry.” We love and serve Chinese students and scholars before and after they return to China. …

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Josh Driver: Handling Staff Management, Admin, Prayer, and Photography

By Josh Driver – HCC Operations Manager When I transitioned out of HCC last autumn, I explained that I was exploring a career shift that would require me to interact more closely with individuals in a counseling, mentoring, managing, or coaching role. As program coordinator for over four years, guiding the HCC Student Group was …

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The Worth of It

By Hannah Veldkamp – HCC Communications Coordinator One definition of worth is “important enough to justify.” This definition manifests itself into our daily lives where we constantly weigh the worth of our decisions on a scale. Is this burger worth my money? Is this class worth my time? Will it be worth it to switch …

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What You Need to Know about the China Trip

By Hannah Veldkamp – HCC Communications Coordinator OASIS Program Coordinator Josh Driver and HCC Executive Director Tim Grunditz are traveling throughout China March 6-23. I sat down to interview both of them separately about their anticipation, thoughts, and excitement about the upcoming trip. The following are their direct answers: What are you most excited about? …

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Taking a Leap: The Inauguration of HCC

By Daniel Morgenstern – HCC Intern On November 1990, four people took a leap of faith. These motivated individuals decided that despite a lack of venue, funding, or consistent volunteers, they would begin a movement to serve the Chinese students arriving in Saint Paul and Minneapolis. They sent out invitations to every friend or acquaintance …

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Where in the World is HCC Going?

By Tim Grunditz – HCC Executive Director In 1992, the Hospitality Center for Chinese was officially formed and recognized as a 501-c3. Our origins were primarily thanks to a few families who had an enormous passion for China. Several families had lived in China, done missions to China, or adopted from China and wanted to …

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Experiencing a Day in the Life of HCC

By Hannah Veldkamp – HCC Communications Coordinator Tuesday, November 7, 2017 9:00 AM Rosa is back! Our dear administrative and financial assistant has returned to work this week after a short maternity leave. She is looking great and now is the mother of the beautiful Claire! Staff is casually chatting in the halls, and leftover …

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