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China Trip: Your Work, Their Work, and God’s Work

By Jonathan Nesvig – HCC ReEntry Coordinator In July, I traveled to fifteen cities in China to see forty-two returning professors and their families, ten HCC partners, and many others. As HCC’s ReEntry Coordinator, my job is to serve Chinese students and scholars so that they might thrive and impact others for the kingdom when …

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China: Where I Met God, My Wife, and Many Friends

By Jonathan Nesvig – ReEntry Coordinator Meeting God On the way to China for the first time, I sat next to a Mormon and a Christian. Throughout much of the 12-hour flight, they talked back and forth about God. It was at that time that I realized I had no idea who they were talking …

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How to Share Christ’s Love with a Student

From the eyes of the student Edited by Hannah Varberg – HCC Communications Coordinator We asked a number of students what advice they would give to HCC friends who wanted to share their faith, and following is what they had to say: Friendship First. Think of what makes you feel respected and drawn into authentic …

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Building a Home that Has Already Been Built

By Hannah Varberg – HCC Communications Coordinator When I lived in Spain for a semester, there were a few days that I got really homesick. It was like my heart was crying out for Minnesota: for the Fall weather, the warm carpeted indoors, sweatshirts, scarves, hot cocoa, macaroni and cheese, Taco Bell, my friends, my …

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Sharing Hospitality that Leaves a Legacy

By Sandy Gilbert – HCC Volunteer My family’s customs have always included big holiday dinners and family gatherings with good food, festive decorations, and lots and lots of presents. Over the years I have added to the customs by buying Christmas dishes, fancy platters, and 54 table cloths. We have sterling silver, crystal goblets, and beautiful …

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Our Labors Are Not in Vain

By Josh Driver – OASIS Program Coordinator I’ve been coordinating events with HCC and now OASIS for nearly four years. Thousands of students have come through activities, many of which I planned. But I don’t know what impact, if any, my work has had in most of their lives. God tells us to fix our …

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How to Connect with a Chinese Mom

By Jennifer Gerth – HCC Board Member I’ve been a mom for six years, and I consider myself a relatively friendly and non-intimidating person, so one would think I could easily connect with a mom from China.  Even more to my advantage, my own mom was born in Taiwan. However, connection is not always easy. …

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From the Airport to Amen

By Josh Driver – HCC Program Coordinator  Volunteering at HCC in 2010 by making airport runs made a lot of sense to me. I was once a study abroad student in Beijing, China, who went through a similar experience of waiting at the airport for someone to take me to a university. Living only five …

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5 Obstacles Chinese Students Tackle to Attend College in America

By Daniel Morgenstern – HCC intern The journey that all foreign students and scholars who visit the Hospitality Center for Chinese (HCC) have endured is more than many Americans could handle. Here are five hurdles Chinese have to jump on their way to college graduation: Language The first obstacle is the language barrier. Every step …

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