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Our International Opportunities

By Peter Arneson – Partner Advocate

In one perspective, work of HCC can be summed up as managing opportunity.

For international students, scholars, and their families here in Minnesota, HCC provides a safe and fun place to learn about culture, experience Minnesota, and connect with locals. They are looking to experience America through all that we can offer and HCC makes sure they have the opportunity because we believe in offering a Christ-like hospitality. They are many and they want to meet you!

HCC manages opportunity for volunteers because even though there are 10,000 international students in the Twin Cities, most of us don’t have an easy way to make that initial connection with them. The volunteers who partner with HCC love to share food and experiences, trade cultural stories, invite new friends into their homes, and maybe even have the opportunity to introduce someone to Jesus. HCC is the partner that volunteers can rely on to provide the opportunity to build a new unique friendship and live out your faith.

Even our mission of “sharing Christ’s love through hospitality” is about managing an opportunity. The University of Minnesota attracts thousands of international students every year. They are here to learn and experience Minnesota for only a short window of time. In fact, one source suggests that 80% of them never enter an American’s home. If that’s true, how many do you think get to sit by a lakeside on a quiet summer evening? How many leave Minnesota without understanding what Christmas or Easter are truly about? How many see the churches but never hear about Jesus? We can’t let this opportunity slip past us. We need more volunteers. If you volunteer all the time, consider introducing someone new to HCC as our growing work needs their help. If you’ve never volunteered, please sign up to join us. Let’s love in these opportunities together.



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