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On Our Bookshelf: Revitalization Resources

By Jonathan Nesvig – HCC ReEntry Coordinator

I’d like to introduce you to three resources that are available to you on our HCC bookshelf that you might consider giving to a Chinese student or scholar that you are friends with. 

Reason for You from BacktoGod Ministries (pictured left). This book is powerful because it takes truths that can sometimes feel abstract (i.e. Jesus saves sinners) and applies them to the lives of 40 Chinese Christians. It’s written by Chinese, in Chinese, and for Chinese. The book is made up of 40 chapters, and each chapter is a personal testimony of a Chinese Christian. While many students and scholars still think Christianity is a western religion, this book shows what God has done and is doing among Chinese people. Watch this video to learn a little more about the book.

Song of a Wanderer by Li Cheng (pictured middle). This book is powerful because it addresses many questions Chinese students and scholars have. Overseas Campus describes the book this way: “This is a book of Christian apologetics. The author, Li Cheng, is from Beijing. He became a Christian after coming to the United States. He understands deeply how most Mainland Chinese scholars think and wrote this book to help answer the questions of those scholars who are searching for the truth. He uses in-depth discussion and comparison, providing a wealth of evidence. His writing is fluent, presenting very sound thinking with a balanced approach. Each chapter in this book is a unique message which he delivered with an excellent response all over America. It has been very helpful in breaking the bondage of unbelief for those with atheistic backgrounds.” This book is written by a Chinese scholar for Chinese students and scholars. Although the book is a bit dated (first published in 1996), it is still a book that addresses many of the big questions Chinese students and scholars have today regarding faith. Besides being on our bookshelf, the book is also available for free online in Chinese here. In addition, you can see the Table of Contents and a longer explanation of the book in English here to give you a better idea of what the book is about before you give it to a Chinese friend.

Gospel of John (bilingual) from Ambassadors for Christ (pictured right). This book is powerful because it’s the Gospel of John, God’s word. In addition, it includes core truths about the gospel explained in plain language at the beginning of the book. This book is English and Chinese so it’s something that you could go through side-by-side with a Chinese student or scholar, asking open-ended questions as you go through it. 

I know I can point to a few books that God has used in my life to bring me closer to him and you can likely think of a few in which he’s done that in your life as well. God uses his word–both oral and written–to bring about change in people, and we can be a part of that as we share books with others.

If you are interested in any of the resources above to give to a Chinese friend, please come by HCC to say “hi” and take some books from our bookshelf. Send jonathan@hcchinese.org an email if you have any questions. 

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