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Seeing our HCC Family in China

By Jonathan Nesvig – HCC ReEntry Coordinator

This is the third year in which HCC staff will tour China to see many students and professors that previously studied in Minnesota. It’s a great opportunity for us to see the fruit that your work in Minnesota has had back in China. I say your work because much of what HCC does is set the table for our volunteers and Chinese students and scholars to become friends and even family. This begins with your financial support and ends with volunteers forming deep and impacting relationships with students. I get to see the fruits of this back in China! Below is more information about my trip; please consider praying or giving towards my trip.

Who: Me (Jon).  This is my first time to travel to China with HCC and this is the first year that neither Tim nor Josh will visit China. For two-thirds of the trip, one of our HCC partners will travel with me.

When: July 10–31.

What: At the time of writing, I plan to visit 14 cities (yes, 14) in which we have students and scholars that studied here and have since returned to China. My time there will primarily consist of catching up with those that have returned and exploring ways in which we can work together with them back in China. 

How: Through your support, God’s help, and the advanced Chinese transportation system, I’ll take 5 flights, 2 night trains, 10 high-speed trains, and many, many cars, taxis, and subways (maybe some buses; hopefully no motorcycles or bikes).

Where: See the map picture above. 14 cities across the east side (Xi’an being the only exception) of China.

Why: From a donor and volunteer perspective, we want to know the impact that your investment in HCC continues to have back in China. The investment continues because the lives that are changed here go back to change other lives back in China. From a programming perspective, we want to gain more insight and wisdom from those we’ve served so that we can serve others better going forward. From a ReEntry perspective, we want to explore how we might better serve and serve alongside students and scholars before and after they return to China.

It’s good to stay connected with students and scholars after their return just as we do, but it’s so much better to go see them face-to-face, in person, and in their context. It will be an honor to see them, see their city, and see how God is present and working in their lives.

What you can do: 

  • Pray
    • Praise God that though we were “strangers” and “foreigners,” he came near and made us a “family” in Jesus made up of people from all nations. We get to be a part of that right here in Minnesota.
    • Ask especially for our Chinese brothers and sisters that have returned back to China that God would make them thrive and be fruitful in all that they do, even in the face of challenges they might have.
    • Ask for me, for grace as I travel, for sweet fellowship with God and with others, and for flexibility, joy, and focus in all the chaos of traveling.
    • Ask that God would lead us (you and HCC) together with the returnees to advance his kingdom to the peoples of the earth and that he might give us some practical next steps towards that end through this trip.
  • Give
    • If you want to specifically support this trip and future trips to China, please 
    • consider giving. You can do so here and you can contact me at jonathan@hcchinese.org if you have any questions. 

Thank you for making this trip possible, and I look forward to sharing more with you after I return.

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