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Finding Friendship and Building Trust: Lulu’s Story

When Lulu and her family were picked up by Phyllis and arrived her house, they were too tired and fell asleep on her couch. Phyllis had a meeting at the time, so she left the family home and went out alone. The family was surprised by Phyllis for she trusted a family she only met hours ago. “Who on the earth would open the door of the house to a group of strangers and reassure they would behave?” The question was put on Lulu’s heart because the story was unheard of.

Through Lulu’s eyes, the intimacy between Phyllis and her family seemed to be built immediately. What she did not know was that all the trust and love did not form overnight. They were built little by little over Phyllis’ 20 years of helping and caring the Chinese students and scholars.

Phyllis not only provided service of airport pickup and hosting but also helped the family with getting phone numbers, a bank account, and furniture buying. The generous gestures made Lulu and her family feel more than just being welcomed. She said, “I no longer felt lonely. Instead, the hope of having a great year in Minnesota rise in my heart.”

After attending many HCC events and made some new friends through the organization, the initial culture shock from not knowing the language and how to do life here certainly became less troublesome for Lulu. She and her daughter consider HCC as her second home in Minnesota.

Later on, Lulu started to attend the Mandarin Fellowship Study, a Bible study that meets twice a month at HCC. It was not easy at first. “My poor English plus my shyness held me back from talking to others and expressing myself,” says Lulu, “but the American friends were very patient with me. When I couldn’t speak fluently, they smile kindly to make me feel at ease.” As time goes, Lulu noticed her changes in many aspects. She found herself more able to open her heart to others and more talkative under the social settings.

“My engagement with HCC has changed my view on human relationships. I used to have little trust towards strangers and did not believe people would help others without asking for anything in return. Now, I believe in unconditional love and care. In the future, I hope more Chinese students and scholars can get to know HCC and develop true friendships with these Christians.” — Lulu

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