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Worth It: Ling

By Daniel Morgenstern – HCC Intern

The greatest strength of the Kingdom is believers like Ling (name changed for safety). A talented videographer and aspiring director, Ling creates pensive and thought-provoking films that examine identity.

Ling was raised by his grandparents because his parents lived in other cities for work. The absence of his parents weighed heavily on him. He loved his grandparents but acutely felt the generational gap. Ling, more than anything, wanted someone that intimately knew him and recognized his worth. 

Growing up in a secular and restricted China, Ling had heard only parts of God’s great narrative. When he first picked up a Bible in Beijing, he was curious. Ling found himself reading the Bible most nights out of pure curiosity.

Ling began to attend a Bible study to improve his English. He planned to come to the U of M, so conversation practice was invaluable. The meetings helped with his English but also further revealed God’s word. With his Bible study, he read much of the Bible and had countless questions answered. Ling is a thinker, so being able to ask theological questions and receive answers is important to his spiritual growth.

His Bible study was also a powerful link to a Christian host family in America: Terri and Don Leick. When Ling finally moved overseas, the Leicks welcomed him into their home, giving him peace in the stressful transition between continents.

The Leicks explained how they were impressed with Ling’s “kind demeanor and his hunger to learn more things.” Ling, a naturally inquisitive person, was not satisfied with what he had learned of God thus far. He wanted more.

Ling accepted the Leicks’ invitation to church. “I was so moved by the beautiful music,” Ling said. The body of Christ embraced Ling, and he was immersed in this embrace in almost every aspect of his life. Even his new roommates were Christians.

“Looking back I’m amazed at how God led me. When I moved in with Mark, Ben, and Joe, my room was empty except for a Bible that my roommates hadn’t put there,” reflected Ling.

It was not long before Ling made the biggest decision of his life. After a discussion, Mark and Joe ushered him into a salvation prayer.

As we all know, salvation is not the end of the story but a new beginning. Ling voraciously sought out more ways to learn more about his new Lord. This search brought him to the HCC Welcome Picnic. He met Joshua and Amy Barnard, longtime supporters and volunteers of HCC, and got involved with their ministry Chi Alpha. Peng also started attending T4C, another church partner of HCC. On May 27th 2016, Ling was baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Ling graduated the U of M recently with a degree in film studies and plans to continue learning all he can in Los Angeles. Ling is an avenue to bring a light into a film industry that desperately needs more followers of Christ. His exploration of identity and desire for relationship reflect well the seeking of the non-believer for the Creator.

Ling’s story reveals the majesty of God’s Kingdom. It was not the actions of one believer or a single organization that introduced him to Christ. Ling was aided, encouraged, deemed worthy, and loved by followers from two continents and at least four different organizations. Now he has joined the ranks and, by his story and skills, is a living testament to the greatness of God.

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