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9 Restaurants in the Twin Cities You Must Try!

By Hannah Varberg – Communications Coordinator 

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The population HCC serves and loves is new to the Twin Cities; most often, they’re even new to America! Apart from furniture, transportation, grocery stores, and classes, there’s another critically important piece for guests to Minnesota to know: where to eat! 9 individuals from our HCC family recommended good places to get food. The Twin Cities is very diverse, and this list represents that well; 5 of the 9 are not even American restaurants! The following are great places to try during your stay in America:

1. HobanHoban

This is a Korean restaurant known for its Korean BBQ! Most seating has a grill, so you can cook your food yourself. Try the kimchi pancakes or the kimbap! Hoban has two locations in the Twin Cities:

Minneapolis: 2939 Hennepin Ave S

Eagan: 1989 Silver Bell Rd

2. Victor’s 1959 Café.Victor's Cafe.jpg

Victor’s Café is a Cuban restaurant with a lot of character. The walls are covered in graffiti, the decorations are bright, and the space is small but almost always full. Yuca, plantains, and Cuban-style pork are some of the best food options. Don’t forget to get a side of cheese croquetas! 3756 Grand Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55409.

3. On’s Kitchen.On's Kitchen

This is a family-run restaurant that specializes in Thai food including curries, seafood, and noodles. Try the mango salad and the tom yum noodle soup! 1613 University Ave W, St. Paul, MN 55104

4. Naughty Greek.Naughty Greek

This is the perfect restaurant to sample all different kinds of Greek food! The gyros and fries are the staples of this place. Try the traditional tzatziki! Naughty Greek has two locations in the Twin Cities:

181 Snelling Ave N

2400 University Ave W

5. Pizza Luce.pizza luce.jpg

This is a classic American pizza place, where you can get traditional and unique pizzas. They also have pasta, sandwiches, and brunch! Pizza Luces are scattered across the Twin Cities, so see which is closest to you!

6. Blue Door Pub.blue door pub

This restaurant is inherently Minnesotan. The Juicy Lucy is what Minnesota is known for, and Blue Door Pub does them well! Purchase a burger and fries combination, and you will understand what makes this restaurant so popular! This restaurant also has many locations, so mark a date to visit the one near you!

7. Buffalo Wild Wings.BWW

Americans endearingly call this Bdubs. This is a casual franchise, and there is most likely one within a few miles of where you live. They have great sauces and wings! Go with some friends so that you can try many different wing flavors.

8. Chipotle.Chipotle.jpg

This one is just obvious. Chipotle is recommended by many Americans! It’s decently priced, and you can custom make a burritos, bowl, taco, or salad!

9. Ramen Kazama.Ramen

This is a Japanese restaurant with all kinds of ramen specialties. The key that makes this place so good is the broth. It’s definitely worth trying a few of their ramen dishes with a wide variety of toppings! Don’t go on a Tuesday though; they’re closed.

  1. 1510 Como Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414.

Contact a friend from HCC, and let’s go explore these places together! There’s nothing that connects people quite like a good meal.

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