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How to Share Christ’s Love with a Student

From the eyes of the student

Edited by Hannah Varberg – HCC Communications Coordinator

We asked a number of students what advice they would give to HCC friends who wanted to share their faith, and following is what they had to say:

  1. Friendship First.

Think of what makes you feel respected and drawn into authentic friendship, then go do it. People are not projects, but potential lifelong friends.

  1. Serve Them Practically

Students often face heavy credit loads and don’t feel they have the capacity for lots of “fun” events. However, they feel incredibly blessed by acts of service, like rides to the grocery store or teaching them to drive.

Help with homework was the MOST MENTIONED felt need for these students.

  1. Invite Them to Church…But Don’t Push

Almost every student we spoke with mentioned that his or her first experience at church impacted them deeply. But some initially felt pressured to attend church.

Ask once or twice, and if they say no, wait a few months and a few more relational connections before asking again.

  1. Share Your Story – The Good and the Bad

Students like to hear about the good things God has done in your life. However, when you share the impact of how God sustained you and challenged you to grow through difficult times or even your own past struggles with doubt, they see the authenticity of your faith.

Many students expressed how this helped them on their own journeys towards Christ.

  1. Be Patient With the Process

Each person is unique…some of the students we spoke with became Christians after only a few months, but for many this was a journey of one to two years.

Patience, prayer, and authentic friendship prove to be the common thread in each story. Don’t worry if things don’t move as fast as you think they should. After all, isn’t God the author? Give Him the credit as the author, and trust His timing.

And don’t forget to give Him the glory too.

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