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Student Feedback

Read for yourself what Chinese students have to say about their experiences at the HCC and with their host families:

“I will always remember the help my host family gave me when I came to a completely new place. I also want to thank HCC for your arrangement of my accommodation. Without you, my arrival in Minnesota would not be as easy and smooth as it has been.”
– Zhen

“I did not know HCC until a schoolmate told me it is really a great organization that helps Chinese students adapt to life here in Minneapolis. I did not expect that much when I first contacted you guys but it turned out that it was the best experience that I ever had when I got to a totally new place.”
– Lisa

“To HCC. Thanks so much to P., other staff and all the volunteers in the HCC. I cannot imagine what my life will be without your help. Thanks so much to the Church and the Christian. Thanks so much to R. for teaching me the Bible.”
– Yong

“This is the first time I leave so far away from my parents. At first, I am unadapted here, but everything changed since I had the super nice international mother and dad.”
– Annie

“Thank P.H. for providing us with such a nice Hospitality Center for Chinese. We do appreciate your help.”
– Lily

Do you have a story about your experiences at HCC, or want to give us some feedback? Visit the Contact page and write us a note!