CARS Program

CARS: Driving Practice
Providing Care & Assistance through Resources to keep you Safe on the road

Guidelines & FAQ for driving practice.

Let us know if you are interested in the continual launch of CARS, a new HCC program offering driving & car resources and assistance to Chinese students, scholars & and their families.

Part of CARS is offering driving practice with a licensed volunteer.


When does behind-the-wheel practice begin?

We offered weekend (Saturday and Sunday) practice that began on Sunday, April 17. We hope this resource can be made available until October 29.

How often am I committing to driving with a student?

You decide. You can choose any Saturdays and/or Sundays, as many or as few as you decide, between April and October.

When a Chinese student contacts HCC to request driving practice, we will look our roster of volunteers and contact them to check their availability for the student’s requested time and date.

How long should I spend with the student?

Please commit to two hours each session. The driving may end earlier than that. You may want to spend more time than that. We encourage pursuing a friendship if there is a connection. Feel free to take them out to lunch or coffee.

Where should we practice driving?

We recommend sticking to small roads in the neighborhood. Find vacated or sparse parking lots. It’s what you should avoid that’s probably more important. At least at the beginning and according to student experience, confidence, and your own comfort!

  • Avoid highways
  • Avoid one-ways

Am I expected to use my vehicle?

The student most likely does not have their own vehicle. If you want to use your own, please do so. If you’d rather not, please let us know so we can match you with a student and use our new insured HCC van.

Am I insured?

Check with you insurance agent as each agency as different policies with different individuals. In most cases, the insurance will follow the owner of vehicle. We have provided our new insured HCC van to offer volunteers more peace of mind for this program.

Do I need to submit feedback or a report to HCC after we’re done?

Yes. We need to assess this program and it's fruit. We will send short survey to you a few weeks after matching. It will have mostly checkboxes to make it as simple and easy as possible for you complete. We will ask about sessions, hours, conversations, and follow-ups in addition to any successes from the driving test.

Please double-check that the student either has a learner’s permit, Minnesota driver’s license, international driver’s license, or their home country license on their person. We have asked If they are using a vehicle unfamiliar to them, have them adjust the mirror, get comfortable, know where the blinkers & wipers are, etc. before heading out.