"Peng You" Partner Program

Do you want to experience Minnesotan culture during your stay in the United States? The "Pengyou (Friendship) Partner” program is a great way to connect you, our Chinese guests, with Americans.

The Pengyou program benefits you by:

  • Helping you establish meaningful friendships Americans
  • Giving you much more than just a glimpse into American culture, but letting you truly experience it.
  • An opportunity to be welcomed into an American home and eat an American family meal.
  • Providing opportunities for you to improve your English and teach your American pengyou some Chinese too
  • Giving you the chance to share your culture with Americans

In our program, you and your pengyou will commit to meeting together at least twice per month. You can decide where and when you meet and what you do together. You could go see a sports game, attend a family barbecue, visit a museum, play Frisbee golf or go out for tea. HCC offers a calendar of events that you and your American pengyou can enjoy together as well. Finally, go to our Pengyou Group on Facebook for new suggestions every Friday or to our Pengyou Partner Page!

Consider joining our Pengyou Program to experience American lifestyle and to make new friends before you head home to China!

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