Student Housing

We recommend that you start looking for housing even before you arrive in the U.S.  You will need time to figure out what will work best for you.  It is best to not wait until the last minute to find an apartment. Below are some suggestions for housing that we know through connections.

Properties looking for tenants

 2215 Como Ave units 1 & 2, St. Paul, MN 55108

This is a duplex with 8 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms: 5BR 1BA upstairs and 3BR 2BA downstairs. 

2017 montly rent is set at $3200, which is $400 per bedroom.

1146-48 Raleigh St. Paul, MN 55108
This is a duplex with 8+ bedrooms and 4 baths: 4+ BR, 2BA upstairs and 4+ BR 2BA downstairs.

 This one rents well as two separate units.

2017 monthly rent is set at $2000 for each unit, which is $500 per bedroom unless the 5th room in each is occupied, making it only $400 per bedroom. 


Note about both duplexes:  WiFi would be installed by the landlord at no cost; TV and cable and some general furniture for the bedrooms and living rooms could be added upon request.

Contact Tim Grunditz for more information.

Other Options

There are several student-housing communities that provide residences at relatively low prices. CSCC is a University of MN housing community serving student-families, married couples, domestic partners, single graduate students, and post doctorates. CTC is for all students and post-docs. Riverton community is for all undergraduates and graduates.

Disclaimer: The information we post on this page is for your reference only.  We do not endorse any of the people or companies that are selling, renting, or lending things or places to you.  We are not responsible if something goes wrong with a transaction from a link that you find on this page.