We are happy to welcome you to Minnesota!

Start by filling out the airport pick-up application.

*Because we have to process your request and communicate with volunteers, please submit your request 10 days before you arrive in Minnesota. Thank you!

What do I do after I fill out the application?

You should receive a confirmation email from our Volunteer Coordinator. Within a week of your departure from China she will match you with an HCC volunteer to confirm your pickup. The volunteer will then contact you to arrange the meeting place and time.

What happens if I miss my flight, the flight is late, cancelled, or I run into other travel delays?

Contact the volunteer as soon as possible and keep in touch about your travel status. We recommend that volunteers download WeChat to best communicate with you. Our volunteers will adjust to the changes or contact us to find another volunteer quickly. In the unlikely event that the volunteer cannot be reached, contact us immediately at 651-659-9740 or info@hcchinese.org.

Will the volunteer take me home right away?

Yes. Our volunteers will take you to your apartment, dorm, hotel, home or host family immediately unless both you and the volunteer decide to grab coffee or breakfast after a long flight. Since Americans are usually very direct, it helps to be straight forward with how you feel and what you need.

Why do you offer this service?

We know you are traveling half-way around the world to come to a foreign country that has different food, culture, language, and traditions and it can be a difficult transition. We desire to serve you to make your transition easier and bless you as you step foot into Minnesota. Because God loves us, we want to share His love with you in this way!

Will HCC stay in touch?

We would like to stay in touch with you! More importantly, we encourage our volunteers to help you in other ways as well. Feel free to get to know them after the airport pickup during the year. They may invite you to their home for a meal during holidays or any other time.  They can also help you adapt to American life. HCC offers programs, resources, classes, and more to help you during your time here. Follow us on WeChat or Facebook!