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Let's hit the slopes!

Saturday, January 27

This is one of our favorite and most popular events!

We are excited to head to Hyland Hills Ski Area for another winter adventure! Won't you join us for downhill skiing, hot chocolate, and a great night view of the downtown Minneapolis skyline? Hyland offers a beginner's hill so that you can practice! It's short and not fast, so you can gain confidence and have our volunteers help you!

Time: Meet at HCC or Coffman at 5:00 PM. We will return to HCC around 10:00 PM or sooner if a car wants to head home early.

Cost (subject to change):

  • Lift ticket (mandatory): $15
  • Rental Equipment (if you have your own equipment, don't need to pay this): $15
  • Helmets Rental (optional): $8
  • Total: $30 (group discount)

Registration means that you signed up with email address and name. This is not on Paypal but on our website here. You know if you are registered if you receive an email from Josh Driver. Payment does not guarantee going without registrationIf you do not pay or let us know you will, we will remove your name from the list so another may attend. Please let us know if you will bring payment to HCC so we don't remove you unnecessarily. Thank you for your cooperation.

Food: You can eat an early dinner before you report to HCC, or snack at Morty’s Food Service when you arrive! The lodge nearby will be open all evening to get warm and to access hot drinks as well.