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Come practice archery with us!

Saturday, March 10th 3:15pm 

Come and practice the art, sport, and skill of using a bow at Bwana Archery only 15 minutes away from HCC! Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat, while in modern times its main use is that of a recreational activity. This is our third time with Bwana, and we hope you can join us! Get ready to pop some balloons!

儿童年龄要求在7岁以上. Kids: 7 year +

Time: Meet at HCC at 3:15. We will shoot from 4:00-5:30PM!

Cost: $10 per person, including children.


  • Wear a shirt that is loose and comfortable. You need to be able to move your arms and shoulders easily.
  • ALWAYS listen to the instructor!
  • Never point your bow at others.

Most people can shoot for 30-45 minutes before getting tired; if your arms aren't in shape, it will be harder.

Registration opens February 10th

Please watch this short video about archery rules: