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Come experience art at MIA

Saturday, March 24th 2pm 

There is now a waiting list for this event. Email amy@hcchinese.org to be put on the waiting list. 

A group of students from Oak Hills have invited us to join them as they enjoy Chinese art at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. We will begin at HCC at 2pm for some tea and fellowship and will travel together to MIA. 

作为明州最有吸引力的博物馆--- Minneapolis Institute of Art在下个月将举行中国清朝文物的展出。向往那浓浓的中国风,怀念具有历史感的中国足迹吗?那就在3月24日下午2点来到HCC,加入我们的MIA之行吧!Age: 12+  兒童年齡須在12歲以上.

Space is very limited, and we ask that no children under 12 attend.