ESL Conversation

ESL Conversation centers on one-to-one or two-to-one conversations with tutors for the semester talking about all sorts of topics, themes, and subjects! Come enjoy some snacks, fellowship with new people, group activities, and individual oral practice with a tutor on Tuesday nights! We even offer a childcare program downstairs in our Fellowship Hall with sports, exercise, snacks, toys, movies, and more!

Tuesdays starting October 10, 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Bethlehem Baptist Church has graciously allowed us to use its ESL curriculum.

Important information: If you are seriously interested and committed to once a week, please register here. We are working hard to recruit tutors to commit for the semester. We ask that if you sign up, please come every Tuesday as best you can. We want to keep the same tutor with you to establish not only English confidence but friendship. It also makes the experience much easier and richer for everyone.

CXI Programs

Beginning English - at CXI House

Practice basic English vocabulary and simple conversations in an informal class.  The best part is, you choose what you want to learn!

Everyday English - at HCC

Every international student learns English through a textbook - but is that the language you hear Americans speak everyday? Learn and practice some of the common phrases Americans use in their daily lives. 

English 2 - at CXI house

Learning English is not about memorizing vocabulary or grammar rules. It is about authentic conversation with others. In this high beginner or intermediate class, practice real communication using your own ideas and experiences. 

English 3 - at CXI house

This class will challenge you to expand your vocabulary and practice more complex English grammar in authentic conversation as your share your own experiences and ideas.

Pronunciation - at CXI House

American English is more than learning correct sounds. In this class you will practice sounds, stress, rhythm, and intonation using a textbook written by experienced instructors at the UMN.

News & Views - at HCC

There is so much information in the media, where do you begin? Every week a different topic is presented. Through reading and discussion, you will learn to analyze different points of view and express your own ideas and opinions.

Living in Minnesota - at CXI house

Do you have questions about living in Minnesota?  Maybe you just arrived and everything is new and different....  Maybe you have been here a while but still want to know more about US holidays and culture....  Or maybe you just enjoy sharing experiences and practicing your English....  Please join us! 

More CXI program:

1. ALPHA (启发课程)dinner,video and Christian discussion 6:30 pm SVC (Starting Sept.19, Tuesdays)

2. CXI 1-1 Conversation Partners (一对一英语对话)9:30 am SVC on Sept 30, Oct 28, Nov 13

3. CXI English Club (英语沙龙)6:00 pm SVC on Sept 15, 29; Oct 13, 27; Nov 11